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WELLSLUBE (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. is a large lubricating oil enterprise, which integrates scientific research, production, warehousing and sales; The Company owns the state-of-the-art production technologies, excellent management experience and the experienced R&D team, and launches its business of imported petrochemical products all over China. It has become one of the raw material supply bases for the enterprises specializing in the production of lubricating oil in north, east, and central China. 

WELLSLUBE and Development
With a global perspective, WELLSLUBE is marching into international markets, providing first-class services to the Chinese and international automobile aftermarkets. In 2004, the Company established a large production base in Tianjin under the support of advanced technologies and excellent management experience, which transports the fully synthetic lubricating oil products to various regions by using the transportation advantages of Tianjin Port, becoming the pioneer in the era of fully synthetic lubricating oil maintenance. On this basis, the business of advanced petrochemical product could be quickly expanded in a wide range, and expects to develop on a global scale. 

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